I chose painting, one of the different modes of expression of contemporary art, to express myself. Through my plastic art, I examine the possible relationships between colour, material and line.


Searching for a new creative inspiration, a young Senegalese artist turned up at Lyon, France, in 1986. His ambition was to “materialize the traditional African thinking”.

In pursuit of such an aim, he depicts traditional Dogon beliefs and rituals (Dogon Totem and Dance), observes the contemporary society (Seven Days and Blue Life), reflects upon about slavery (Porte sans retour) and melts before the beauty of bodies (Nus).


  • 2010 - Galerie Tortor
  • 2009 - Alliance Française
  • 2008 - Présentation de la série Meltin’ à Eskapad
  • 2007 - Bibliothèque Léopold Sedar Sanghor
  • 2006 - Galerie Epices & Art
  • 2006 - Cinéma le Pathé, semaine des cinémas d’Afrique
  • 2005 - Galerie de l’Impasse
  • 2003 - Les Accrochés, Melle


«For the “Caravane des cinémas d’Afrique” festival, Jean-François Dougnaglo proposed for the Léonard Sédar Senghor library (Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France) a lyrical and abstract part of his work. “Fo” (his artist pseudonym means “big brother”) projects onto his canvas a gestural painting imbued with the animism and rituals of his origins. (...)» Le Progrès newspaper – 05/02/2006


Jean-François Dougnaglo
28, rue Bugeaud
69 006 - Lyon
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Mail: fo2artist@gmail.com

Credits : translations Melinda Prentout, webdesign : Victor Poichot