Blue into the distance
Royal blue, king of millions of blue colours
Billions of particles - Lapis Lazuli

Sudden blaze of Ancestors’blue
Once upon a wave... so far away, so long

This infinite brilliance, wide like a mother’s heart,
is a planet, a universe,
and each nothing is a whole
and no whole is nothing
that winds in a spiral - X

JPEG - 1.3 Mo
JPEG - 1 Mo
JPEG - 1.2 Mo

The blue escapes,
as a tonality, a climate,
a special resonance,
a piling up of light,
a shade born from the void

I ended up considering colours as forces that had to be put together according to one’s inspiration.

I transformed colours according to the relationships, that is
from cold, or warm (...)
from azure-blue to indigo-blue,
to rust-coloured blue...

Thus I composed a palette for each painting, and took off complementary colours such as yellow, red or other.

Here, all the colours - with blue as the dominant - sing together. Their strength is strong enough for a chorus. These triumphant dashes of paint are like a musical harmony that the young school sings with full strokes, the revolutionary song « It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine ».