Alpha and Omega

Eternity, Link

A distinguishing feature, the symbolic of the circle is a concrete representation, one of the most widespread symbols.

It symbolizes unity, absolute, and represents heaven in contrast with earth, spiritual in contrast with material.

It recalls time, infinite Time.

In alchemy, it is the symbol of material being transformed.

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My work is focused on the Being, on the Human.
His path though life, his beliefs (explora interiora) and doubts (hopes), his niche in this world and his aspirations. For years, he has been « suggested » to me rather than represented. Shades, silhouettes, effigies, profiles passing through the space of canvas.

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Technique mixte pigment, terre. 20 x 60 cm.
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Technique mixte pigment, terre. 20 x 60 cm.

With the Meltin series, about fifty works created in 2002, a profile became obvious to me, the half of a « REAL » face, in golden flesh. Though the portrait is a traditional and common genre in painting, this face-to-face meeting in the canvas’ mirror is and will always remain endless.

Meltin-profile is repeating faces outlined back to back, face to face, put together.

I am obsessed by that profile-face because of its peculiar universality and its potent accumulation of lives and deaths in a perfect balance – or imbalance.

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Technique mixte pigment, métal, terre. Diptique 2x 40 x 60 cm.

These profiles are unique, but arranged in their plurality as a serial family. A being that takes shape and thickens with the flesh of the painting itself over these successive profiles. A forgotten stranger’s profile, a distant person’s profile near at hand, one’s other profile. Mankind’s profile suspended in time, between presence and absence, between here and there, yesterday, now and tomorrow.

They are made of survival, of a mad hope. They are made of shade and light. And picturally, they are made of pigments, earth, water and gold. They speak to us of Eternity. These are... the Meltins.

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Technique mixte pigment, métal, terre. 120 x 180 cm.

Seven Days

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Diptique Seven Days

Toile, Papier, Peinture
Je fais mes exorcismes
Comme d’autres vont jouer

Je vole sur mes ailes
Prends des risques
et crame les ficelles

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Seven Days One
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Seven Days Two

Signaletic Squares

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Papier marouflé sur toile, pigments et fibres. 65 x 90 cm.
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Papier marouflé sur toile, pigments et fibres. 110 x 180 cm.
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Papier marouflé sur toile, pigments et fibres. Triptique 3 x 65 x 80 cm.


Blue into the distance
Royal blue, king of millions of blue colours
Billions of particles - Lapis Lazuli

Sudden blaze of Ancestors’blue
Once upon a wave... so far away, so long

This infinite brilliance, wide like a mother’s heart,
is a planet, a universe,
and each nothing is a whole
and no whole is nothing
that winds in a spiral - X

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The blue escapes,
as a tonality, a climate,
a special resonance,
a piling up of light,
a shade born from the void

I ended up considering colours as forces that had to be put together according to one’s inspiration.

I transformed colours according to the relationships, that is
from cold, or warm (...)
from azure-blue to indigo-blue,
to rust-coloured blue...

Thus I composed a palette for each painting, and took off complementary colours such as yellow, red or other.

Here, all the colours - with blue as the dominant - sing together. Their strength is strong enough for a chorus. These triumphant dashes of paint are like a musical harmony that the young school sings with full strokes, the revolutionary song « It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine ».